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Community and support

Join our community

  • Join our Discord
  • Telegram groups
    • Subscribe to Nillion Official Announcements to stay up to date with the latest Nillion news
    • Join MPC 👀, a broader community group for discussing MPC developments, papers, and implementation examples.
  • Visit NillHub, our community discussion forum. This is a place where all Nills from around the globe can share, learn, and create together, and for anyone whose native language isn’t English, there are sub-categories for languages with their own communities too.

Developer questions and technical discussions

Nillion's Github Discussions forum is our central developer hub for technical discussions related to Nillion. Builders can use Github discussions to share ideas, ask questions, showcase their projects, and stay updated on the latest news and announcements from the Nillion team.

Improve the docs

Got a suggestion for improving the docs? Let us know by creating a Github Issue.

How to open a support ticket

  1. Join our Discord
  2. Visit the #support-ticket channel
  3. Create a ticket (General support or Partnership request)