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Blind App Quickstart

What is a blind app?

A blind app runs blind computation on Nillion using one or more privacy-preserving Nada programs. Nada programs compute on secret integers without ever seeing the underlying input values, making them ideal for sensitive data operations.

Start building blind apps on Nillion


This Blind App Quickstart is ideal for developers interested in creating frontends or fullstack web apps on Nillion. If you want to connect a backend to Nillion, check out the Python Quickstart

Build your first blind application on Nillion. Follow the steps in this blind app quickstart to

  1. Install the Nillion SDK
  2. Create a Nada project and write your first Nada program
  3. Build a blind app with the cra-nillion starter repo (based on Create React App) and run your app locally on the nillion-devnet
  4. Deploy your blind app to the Nillion Testnet so the world can try it