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Welcome to Nillion's Docs

Nillion is a secure computation network that decentralizes trust for high value data in the same way that blockchains decentralized transactions.

What if privacy was an enabler of use cases rather than a constraint?

Developers can use Nillion to build secure, high value data focused applications. Nillion empowers developers to

  • write programs in Nada, our language for defining MPC programs
  • compile programs with the Nada compiler
  • upload programs to the Nillion Network
  • store permissioned secrets (high value data) on the Nillion Network
  • run programs to perform blind computation on secrets on the Nillion Network

Nillion Network access

The Nillion Network is in private beta for now, with network access gated by a peer_id allowlist. Builders can fill out this DeForm to apply for Nillion Network access through our Nucleus Builders Program.

Today you can build with the Nillion SDK and Nillion Clients, running against nillion-devnet, a cluster of Nillion network nodes running locally within your computer. Follow our Developer Quickstart to start building!