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Data Wars: Community Ranks

This is not the allowlist you are looking you're looking for. Join the multi-week Nillion bootcamp to be fully onboarded into the Nil Army. Every week you will have the potential to be whitelisted for the upcoming Nillion Blindfolded PFP NFT release.

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A rebellion is brewing in the shadows. The Data War draft is now OPEN.

Nillion is drafting supporters, contributors, builders and creative thinkers into its army.

Rewards and glory await those who excel.

Time to select your class:


The most important aspect of being a fighter in the Nillion army is spreading the word creatively by communicating and connecting with other data fighters.

We have two main groups for chatting - the Discord and the Telegram.

At Nillion, everything needs to be high quality, including our communications. Picture this: every conversation you have within the community serves as a welcoming handshake for new members. So if you’re having engaging, interesting, high quality conversations, we will attract more interesting people to join our cause and get involved.

If we are going to usher in a true data renaissance, we need people like you to champion Nillion’s message:

Private data for all.

Connect classes

If you engage in meaningful conversations that enhance the community, you'll earn the Warrior class. However, farming this role will get you banned.

If you have special interests or post in channels about trading, tech, NFTs, DeFi, AI, Privacy, Data, DePin you will be given the Sage class.

If you do any of these really well and the community recommends you, then the “Berserker” role will be granted.

If you’re an integral member of the community, then you’ll be awarded the highest rank: The Marshal class. This rank grants access to the exclusive Marshall channel.

Remember! Community isn't just in Discord and Telegram

Whenever posts come from the Nillion main account or team members like Charlie, Alex, Miguel, or 0xCrayon be sure to reply with a thought, a joke, a meme, or anything that makes sense and is engaging.


Want to create and contribute in a more substantial way? Then you can write about Nillion and our vision for the future.

If you are going to write about Nillion and our plans to win the data war (blind computation, privacy, data ownership) then do it with personality and conviction.

We refuse to blend in with the crowd of mundane, overlooked deep tech projects. That’s not the Nillion ethos. That’s not how you leave a mark.

The rule applies for memes and art as well. We cherish originality. Craft your unique style and artwork inspired by Nillion, something the community will embrace and contribute to.

Don’t create based on what you assume we want to see - create what resonates with you.

If you are a photographer then take photos, if you’re a musician then create music, if you’re a writer then create lore. If you don’t currently do anything then learn something new. Spend some time with the rest of the community to learn a new skill and use Nilions ideas, visions, and beliefs as cues to create something amazing and impactful.

Scribe Classes

If you are full of creative ideas and love to create memes, you’ll earn the class of Master of Memes Class

We also have some specific roles for those who are more creative.

Designer: A role for people who create great art/visuals

Visionary: A role for people who create great videos/gifs/animated content


Are you a builder, someone who is building the technology that is going to propel us into the data renaissance?

Builder Classes

If you like to participate in hackathons or developer competitions around and build blind applications then you will earn the Hacker class.

If you want to use, build with, or create content around the Nillion SDK then you can earn the Engineer class.

If you are someone who likes to dive into the code and make improvements/find bugs the Tinker class might be for you.


Share on Twitter or to your Telegram groups or wherever you are most active. Add some personality and describe what you’re sharing and where people can find more.

Share your posts with the community and we will all jump in and engage.

Remember classes are earned not given. We are always watching our army, and no good contribution will go unnoticed.

Our soldiers are outfitted with blue blindfolds, armed with digital weapons to combat the powers that be.

Every good input will increase your rank within the Data War.

Good luck, comrade.